Book Reviews and Notes

Many of the notes presented here are just that: thoughts that I have had during and after reading the respective book. In some cases I have used the format of a review, while at other times I have used a more informal approach.

In most cases, my notes should be perused after you have had an opportunity to read the book. While you might use my comments to a certain extent when deciding whether to read a book, my goal is usually to share my feelings and ideas about the book, as if to start a post-reading discussion. I therefore invite feedback on any issues I raise, or any issues you feel should be raised.

Furthermore, it must be said that in these notes I put forth what I get out of a certain book. In many of the areas I can claim no particular expertise—indeed, I have probably read the specific book to gain more knowledge in a certain area. My comments are therefore based upon the books contents as they appear to me at the time of reading them. It may be interesting to read later notes and compare them to earlier, "first contacts" with particular issues, subjects, authors, and genres.

Books in each year section are presented in the order in which they were reviewed, which in most cases is the order in which they were read.