Wednesday 24 February 1999

The European Parliament

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After making the morning trip from The Hague to Brussels, our class arrived at the European Parliament Building. Entering the EC Parliament Building
I was there, too. In front of the EC Parliament Building EC flags
In the actual Parliament meeting, where they discussed Kosovo, they had interpreters that would simultaneously interpret the discussion into all of the languages of the EC member countries.
Hotel in Brussels After listening to a lot of nonproductivity (most of the MP's had left by the time it was over), we went back to the hotel. How many stars does this hotel have? Maybe if they would clean them, I could tell... Beautiful courtyard in Brussels
Over the next few nights, this beautiful courtyard (oohh; aahh) became a landmark — once we found it, we could knew we could from there find out way back to the hotel.
Moroccan restaurant in Brussels Since the jazz didn't start playing for a while at the club we discovered, we went to eat. As usual, everyone went separate ways for food. A few of us stopped next door and discovered an incredible little Moroccan restaurant. An excellent experience that everyone enjoyed.
Waitress in the Moroccan restaurant Girls in the Moroccan restaurant
Excellent food, friends, and a very nice waitress.
EC listening
After-dinner music? We just stepped back next door and heard a good jazz band — composed of civil servants from the EC.