February 1999

See also SOAS trip to The Hague and Brussels.

In February school went on. Here are pictures of life in SOAS in 1999. Don't forget to see the pictures of the SOAS Brussels trip. Click on each photo to see a larger, more detailed version.

Turkish singers Kurdish dancers
The Anatolian People's Society, dedicated to stressing the things the Greek, Kurdish, and Turkish peoples have in common, presented "A Night of Music" on February 4. It started with this lovely Turkish music... ...followed by fun Kurdish dancing. The evening ended with Greek songs.
"La Traviata"
My first opera was, "La Traviata." My Italian friend said this English version took something away from the original. Actually, a further translation could have helped this novice. After "La Traviata" in Leicester Square
Our class group split up afterwards for food (which would prove to be typical on the Brussels Trip), yet somehow wound up back together after eating (which also proved to be business as usual).
"Happy Birtday to you..." Flatmates and friends celebrate. Birthday party in my flat
"States Suck" "Epistemic Communities Rule"
In our International Relations class, our group created a presentation on environmental issues. We used an activist theme to explain our points. Naomi's part, "States Suck," examined the extent to which states, because of their limited geographical region, are ill equipped to handle environmental problems which are usually global in nature. Jennifer's "Epistemic Communities Rule" explained how certain groups of people with specialized knowledge can gain power through information.
"Knowledge Brokers Go Home"
My presentation, "Knowledge Brokers Go Home," explained that sometimes there are intermediaries between epistemic communities and the public which can sway opinion by "brokering" knowledge, interpreting it to their advantage. "Rio Stinks"
Andreas analyzed a particular environmental regime and came to the conclusion that "Rio Stinks."