Monday 22 February 1999

International Criminal Tribunal for War Crimes in the Former Yugoslavia

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Talk about tight security! They took our passports, issued badges, and made us walk through metal detectors. And this was just for the introductory speech, before we even were to actually view the tribunal for war crimes. Here are four of those who made it through. Security at the international criminal tribunal Having dressed nicely, we went to a nice restaurant for lunch. (Actually, we went because it was closest, and it was cold and snowing outside.) What, no tap water?
Starting for Amsterdam Lunch before the tribunal
When one is the Netherlands, one has to visit Amsterdam. This is the trolley that took us to the train that transported us to Amsterdam which... Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam Together in Amsterdam.
Again unable to decide where to eat, we split up for dinner. This Indonesian restaurant was good. We always seemed to wind up together in the end, though.