Sunday 21 February 1999

Journey from SOAS to The Hague, Netherlands

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Through a freak accident, I was running quite late leaving to catch the bus (oops, I mean, "coach.")
Entering the tunnel between the UK and France Finding a tunnel parking place Our coach in the tunnel
It was a normal coach ride until we reached the edge of England. Our coach ride included a trip under the channel through the UK/French channel tunnel. You simply drive into the train... ...keep driving (following the coach in front of you)... ...until you're in your appropriate little compartment. The doors close in front and behind, you turn off the engine, and wait for half an hour. Other than a bit of rocking, you would never know you're moving.
After arriving Calais, France and eating lunch, Dr. Slinn decided to interrupt our after-meal nap by impersonating a tour guide. Dr. Slinn playing tour guide Welcome to "The Jungle." I have no idea how we chose this nice little restaurant by the sea, because our group of 29 or so people have such a problem of deciding where to eat. And what was with all that wind, and then sleet? What about the poor tulips?
Dinner in The Jungle