Here are a few sights in and around Bordeaux. Click on each photo to see a larger, more detailed version.

Statue of Cyrano de Bergerac. East of Bordeaux, there is a town called Bergerac. This is the place referred to in the famous Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmund Rostand. Although the story is fictional, the town has made itself into a tourist attraction with statues, signs, and references to the man with the big nose. Here is a statue of Cyrano. A table in Bergerac.
A cobblestone road surrounds a fountain in a Bergerac square, right by the tables, flowers, and more stone walls. Behind is a church that is hundreds of years old, as are many churches in France. Gergerac square. Bergerac is filled with stone walls, flowers, vines, and outdoor eating areas under canopies, such as this one. This picture was taken by a timer on a camera propped up by several dix franc coins.
A real castle! Located near Berserac, this castle has been converted into a musuem. Grapevines on each side, a wide valley behind it... and three pretty German girls in front. What will the French think of next? French castle, front view. French castle, back view.

One of my German friends reclines on the wall behind the castle.

Bridge over moat.

This town was surrounded by a wall. I assume the long bridge leading to the main entrance through the wall was originally over a moat which also surrounded the city.

Entering the walled city. Here I am with one of my German friends, at the end of the bridge about to enter the city through the wall
Dune de Pilat. The biggest pile of sand in the world is supposedly the Dune de Pilat, west of Bordeaux, right on the Atlantic Ocean. To get to the beach at this location, you must go over the dune. Climbing the sand dune.

To go over the dune, you must climb the stairs.

Now that you're on top, it's easy to walk down the west side to the beach, even though it's quite a long distance. (Hey, I can see my house from here, maybe... it's in that direction anyway.) Descending the dune to the beach.

West side of the dune, at the beach.

On the west side, you can lie in the sun all day. Or parasail, as this person is doing in the background. Sooner or later, though, you'll have to climb back up the dune in the hot sand under the burning sun. It didn't take long to get down, but the trip up takes at least 20-30 minutes.

Tower in Bordeaux. Cathedral in Bordeaux.

Back in Bordeaux, there is no shortage of beautiful, old architecture. I believe that this (left) is the tallest hand-made stone tower in Europe. From the top, you can examine the intricately-built cathedral beside the tower (above), or look across the city.