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The Eiffel Tower viewed from a distance. One of the first things a tourist has to do in Paris is to see the Eiffel Tower. That's what I thought, anyway, so the first whole day in Paris I jumped on Le Metro and exited at a spot in the general area. As I approached the tower, I could see it looming above the trees; it looked a bit small, though. The Eiffel Tower from part-way up.That is, until I was actually climbing those hundreds and hundreds of stairs. Huge! Looking down from a level or two up, the people look very, very, small.
A view of Paris from the Seine.Once I'm up here, though, I can see across the Seine and see a large section of Paris to the North; to see more, I would have to go look out from another direction. Hey, I can see my hotel from here... nope, I guess not quite. Breakfast in bed in a Paris hotel.

Wow, in this hotel they even brought you breakfast in bed! Of course, it was only a baguette and a cup of hot tea, but just the thought of it...

A long line of tourists at the entrance to the Louvre.

I decided not to actually go inside Le Louvre this time.