The images of the Devanagari letters in the first version of this tutorial were modified from Ukindia, which provided an excellent starting point for ideas on what to put into this tutorial.

Bhat, Sitaram P., Hindi Made Easy, D. B. Taraporevala Sons & Co. Ltd., Bombay, India, 19?? was a handy reference by providing a concise list of common verbs and other words.

Hindi & Urdu: A Rough Guide Phrasebook, Rough Guides, Ltd, London, 1997 is a small Hindi/English English/Hindi dictionary that provided word list small enough to be able to determine which words are common.

McGregor, R.S., The Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary, Oxford University Press, London, 1997 provided a comprehensive list of authoritative definitions which were used to ensure accuracy in the definitions included in these lessons.