Democratic Republic of the Congo

Cyangugu, Rwanda is within walking distance of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Before my trip home, I got the chance to cross the border into the D. R. Congo border and spend a few days in the rebel-held town of Bukavu. Click on each photo to see a larger, more detailed version.


Street in Bukavu I didn't get out to see the town very much. The rebels had changed the flag, and there was a curfew late in the evening. Being sick with Giardiasis didn't make me feel like exploring a lot, anyway.
Most of what I saw of the city was glimpses out the window while traveling from place to place. Roadside in Bukavu
View of Lake Kivu from Bukavu NGO tent in Bukavu I met several Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) during my brief stay
Lake Kivu is just as pretty on the D. R. Congo side as it is on the Rwanda side. Land rover
Almost every NGO has several white four-wheel-drive land rover vehicles, equipped with radios.
In fact, since it was never certain when there would be electricity, anything battery-powered with a solar recharger came in handy. Like this light, which the sick boy was allowed to borrow. Solar-powered night light Jane explains how to spread the mosquito net
So how do you set up that mosquito net, Jane?