This set of pages has been created to share information that has come out of the International Relations course, a 24-week course for the MA in International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS.

Check the readings for my thoughts about the relevant books I have read. As is usual with my book notes, I recommend that you read the specified book before reading what I have written.

You can also see the notes I have taken in class. They are not meant to be complete; they are simply what I have taken down. These will be updated as the course progresses.

April 26, 1999
My presentation group performed (literally) our last topic: "Justice in Post-Cold War International Politics." Here is the script for our metaphorical play, "Shakespeare in Debt."
March 26, 1999
My second essay for International Relations was submitted, answering question #1: "Analyze the implications of any ONE intergovernmental, regional or non-governmental organization for the traditional pattern of international order."
November 23, 1998
My first essay for International Relations was handed in today, and is now available online. It answers essay question #1: "Is the balance of power the only reliable basis for order in international relations?"