The Complex World—Companion Web Site

Nonlinear Dynamical Systems as a Paradigm for International Relations Theory

Companion web site to "The Complex World" MA dissertation by Garret Wilson.
University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies
MA International Studies and Diplomacy 1998/9

Copyright © 1999 Garret Wilson

All computer program experiments performed in the dissertation can be found here. The experiments are interactive, allowing the exact simulation conditions from this study to be duplicated, as well as permitting custom parameters to be entered so that further study can be conducted.

The following experiments are available:

These experiments are written in the Javascript 1.1 language, and therefore require a web browser with Javascript 1.1 support enabled. These programs have been confirmed to work on Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.0 and Netscape® Navigator 4.05, but should work with any 4.x or higher generation browser.