Getting 3G in Brazil on TIM

In Brazil I'm generally too scared of getting my T-Mobile G2X stolen to take it out of the house. (Plus it gets in the way of dancing forró.) So I usually leave it at home and use the tiny Nokia C3-01. The C3-01 is a pretty good phone, with a touch-screen and 3G connectivity, which worked on Brazil's TIM network in Rio de Janeiro. But then the C3-01's screen stopped working; I sent it in to get it fixed and when it came back it worked for a day before stopping allowing input altogether. So I had no choice but to resort to using my G2X.

The G2X was erroneously advertised to be quad-band HSPA+, but it still has the 2100MHz UMTS frequency used by Brazil's TIM. Unfortuately, when I popped in the TIM SIM and unlocked the phone, the G2X indicated no 3/4G connectivity. After a few days of despair and shopping for a new phone, I realized that the G2X merely needs to have an Access Point Name (APN) manually entered for TIM. There are several TIM APNs available, but the one that is working for me is:

username tim
password tim
MCC 724
MNC 02

Now I'm connected to email, Facebook, Yammer, and all the rest. I even have WiFi hotspot capabilities. I'm getting around 1Mbps downstream and 300Kbps upstream. Good enough for now.