Ubuntu's Unity is Buggy

I've only been using Ubuntu for less than a year, so I haven't become married to any particular look-and-feel. I think the standard fonts are a little garish, and I have no problem with trying a new interface. When Ubuntu 11.04 came out, I had no particular objection to its new Unity front-end. But I want it to work, at least.

The Unity interface on Ubuntu 11.04 doesn't work. First of all, my Windows+L shortcut, even though it is still mapped in the system settings, no longer locks the screen. So I switched to the Classic interface. My key shortcuts now work, but hard-to-use overlay scrollbars are still there, so I removed those as well.

But still more problems: my mouse scroll wheel no longer works, which is a huge inconvenience. As if that isn't enough, Unity doesn't work well with NVidia video drivers: certain applications, when maximized, will show nothing but white! Even after updating my NVidia drivers, the locked screen still often shows nothing but white, and I have to type my password in the dark. I'm not impressed, and almost wish I could switch back to 10.10.