Windows Vista Has Error Copying to WebDAV

How can huge companies with millions of dollars at their disposal screw up simple protocols like HTTP and WebDAV? I already wrote about how Adobe kept screwing up HTTP file uploads (and once they got most of the problems fixed, decided to break it purposely). I also mentioned how Microsoft's Windows Vista WebDAV support at first looked promising, but had serious limitations in its extra features. Now it appears that Windows Vista can't even perform simple copying to a WebDAV-mounted drive without running into problems.

I have Apache running with mod_dav—nothing complicated, and it worked fine with Windows XP. (Except, of course, for that Windows XP won't let you put an ending '/' for collections like you should, and then won't follow HTTP redirects to get to the correct location. But this can be worked around.) On Windows Vista I tried to mount a drive to WebDAV, and everything looked cute, and Vista even tried to assign NTFS dates (albeit not to millisecond precision, for some odd, unnecessary reason) to resources.

But then I tried to copy local files to my WebDAV-mounted drive, and I get: "Error 0x80070021: The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file." Some files copy. Others don't copy, and I can't even delete them—I have to SSH to the server and delete them from a shell account. Crazy. Others have reported this, even with SharePoint, but no one has an answer.

I have an answer: Microsoft doesn't care about interoperability.