May 2004

My dear friend Nikhil married lovely Shalani in Dallas, Texas on 31 May 2004. Click on each photo to see a larger, more detailed version.

Pre-wedding-day party The festivities start the day before the wedding. Two beautiful ladies All sorts of beautiful people were at the party.
Here comes the bride The actual ceremony occurred the next day. Shalani makes her entrance, and Nikhil and Shalani go through the rituals.
Wedding ceremony
After the ceremony, we prepare for the reception. We're a fine sight, indeed. Before the reception
Nikhil and Shalani's first dance The bride, the groom, and me
I'm seated with the married couple… Smiling couple
Nikhil and Shalani have their first dance. …and other happy couples, such as this one.
Post-party people After the wedding, the party continues. Even after the party, the party continues. These people made it to the end.
Vaughn snoozes
Vaughn takes a pause on the way to the end.