June-July 2003

I travelled through Brussels, Belgium to Budapest, Hungary for study-abroad law school classes, stopping in Paris, France on the way home. Click on each photo to see a larger, more detailed version.

Belgian girl.
First stop: Brussels, Belgium. Margaret Island. A few days later, I arrive in Budapest, Hungary to begin my summer law classes.
Our school had reserved rooms in a small hotel. The hotel was on Margaret Island, a large mass of land in the middle of the Danube River. The island had been turned into a public park, with trails, pools, tennis courts, a musical fountain, and happy Hungarian families leisurely walking through the fields and trees. Budapest bridge.
At night the city lit up on both the Buda and Pest sides of the river, giving a beautiful view of other bridges from the island. Beside the river the under-rennovation parliament building looked magnificent. Budapest parliament
Crowd at Elton John concert. The back of Elton John.
Budapest was full of activity. Professor Garvey joined us as we travelled to the square where Elton John was giving a free concert. We were able to see Elton John in person—or, more accurately, we got to see part of Elton John's back as we, on tiptoes, peered above the crowd.
It just so happened that the world championship for water polo was taking place directly behind our hotel. We decided to bring our own cheerleaders to encourage our team for the U.S. versus Hungary game. Our team lost, but not for lack of home support. If only the players could have heard us through their ear gear. Water polo cheerleaders.
Pedal-powered park car. The island was full of activity and activities. On one lazy Sunday afternoon, a couple of us took a pedal car out for a jaunt.
With determination, one can find a Pakistani/Indian restaurant even in Budapest. Pakistani/Indian restaurant. It's somewhat easier to find Lipton tea in Budapest, as can be seen with this Lipton glass and this Lipton chair, complete with Lipton umbrella. Lipton tea set.
The man in the red sunglasses.
"Night in Slow Motion" At night Budapest keeps going. So does Frank, as long as he wears those crazy red sunglasses he found somewhere.
I call it, "Night in Slow Motion." I'm not the only one taking pictures. Frank and his camera.
Professor Garvey and Shabnam have found a nice restaurant, and they seem to be quite proud of themselves. Professor Garvey and Shabnam find a restaurant.
Turkish restaurant. Turkish cooks.
Budapest is full of kebab wraps, which can be found day or night. What would we have done without Szerāj, the fast-food Turkish restaurant on bank of the river?
Bar night. During our last week together in the city, we have a final night out. Fortunately, Someone must have wrestled those sunglasses away from Frank, but he, too, seems to be falling victim to their control. Zagreb, Croatia.
I return home by way of Paris. The Eiffel Tower takes on different personalities from different angles. Eiffel Tower and a building. Before returning home, I rent a car and take a trip to Zagreb, Croatia. Suddenly Richard Holbrooke's To End a War becomes more relevant.
Bastille Day horses. Street cleaners.
Before I fly back home from Paris, I see a cavalcade of horses preparing for Bastille Day celebrations later that day. The chevaux are followed by their own chaperones: a parade of street cleaners.