January-April 2003

During my second semester at law school, the second Gulf War occurs; and my classmates and I travel to Washington, D.C. for an international law conference. Click on each photo to see a larger, more detailed version.

Lunch in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. Legal research and writing class. Gary Alexander didn't make our Legal Research and Writer class that much more fun, but he made it funnier.
January in San Francisco is beautiful. Here two Chinese ladies have a picnic lunch in view of the Golden Gate Bridge. "Back to Iraq?" discussion panel.
Students, families, children, and others thronged to Market Street to rally for peace. Peace rally on Market Street. As another war with Iraq loomed, we at the USF International Law Society put together a panel of professors to explore topics related to the impending conflict.
Peace march down Second Street. Riot police at anti-war protests on Market Street. After the war started, thousands more took to the streets to show their disapproval. Riot police were not far behind, picking out those causing trouble, placing plastic handcuffs on them, and hauling them to be booked in a borrowed MUNI bus.
As school neared to a close, we had an end-of-the-year party at Ruby Skye. Classmates at Ruby Skye.
ILS dinner at Washington, D.C.
Members of the International Law Society traveled to Washington, D.C. for an international law conference. Justice Stephen Breyer. In D.C., we saw Justice Stephen Breyer of the United States Supreme Court speak on the relevance of international law to domestic court decisions.