October 2002

October at USF brings my family to San Francisco, and brings out various other characters at Halloween. Click on each photo to see a larger, more detailed version.

Family and USF Law classmates. Monroe and Mom. Mom gets her shoes shined by Monroe.
After my parents arrive in San Francisco, Jamil and Shabnam join our us for dinner. Parents and Aunt Helen. Parents and Eddie.
We take a trip up to Napa to visit Aunt Helen. My parents meet Eddie at Henry's Hunan Chinese Restaurant.
Professor Shatz as Einstein. USF Law Class inside on Halloween.
Halloween is here, and Professor Shatz comes to Criminal Law class as Einstein.
My last-minute costume was inspired by the girl serving me a mocha before class. I'm "Frappucino Man," joined by Umpa Lumpa, Superman, Superwoman, Dorothy, Some Hospital Guy, and Japanese Schoolgirl. At another party, we're joined by Bear Man, Nurse, On's Leather Fantasy, and was it Kristen Kowgirl? Is that Lee as Army Person behind Group Raising Hands?
Dorothy and the Canadian Bear Man. USF Law Class outside on Halloween.
Dorothy is scared by the Canadian Beer—I mean Bear—Man.