May-July 2000

The San Francisco dot-com craziness has hit its peak, right along with the San Francisco housing market. "Craig's List" is no longer of use — unless you want to compete with hundreds of others pledging their proverbial firstborn in exchange for accommodations, and that's just within 24 hours of the posting. Click on each photo to see a larger, more detailed version.

Room behind a garage. I finally find a nice, large, quiet room behind a garage in a renovated house on Potrero Hill, the only place in San Francisco that can count on getting sun throughout the year. My computer, a bed, a bookshelf, and that's all I need... almost. Zehra visits in the end of May.
The Bush Man. Zehra.
One interesting San Francisco tradition is the "Bush Man" on North Beach. You and your significant other will be walking along, ignoring the buildings and the trees until one of the "bushes" jumps out at you with a "boo!". Yes, you were startled. Yes, it is a very honest laugh he generates. Yes, it's worth the couple of dollars you feel the need to put in his little bucket.
Crowd watching the Bush Man. You can then take your place in the crowd of people who have already been startled and sooth your embarrassment by laughing at others get startled.
Dog playing fetch in the wind. Garret pretends to fall off a bridge. Zehra and I visit Muir Woods, with tall redwood trees thousands of years old. It's a peaceful forest, with foresty things such as grass, squirrels, streams, and bridges. 
We stopped by the beach on the way back, but San Francisco sure gets windy by the ocean. This puppy didn't seem to mind, though.
On a Sunday afternoon, it seem that everyone is trying to crowd back across the Golden Gate Bridge to return to San Francisco. Golden Gate Bridge traffic.
Back in San Francisco, it's trolley cars and electric buses as usual. Also common are the buses coming detached from their electricity source, forcing the driver to go "fish" for a connection with the spring-loaded arms. Electric bus gets unplugged.