January 1999

After a month's break, the new year brought changes to SOAS. One or two. Click on each photo to see a larger, more detailed version.

Our class in an Italian restaurant Monopoly night
Our class gets together to go to an Italian restaurant. Happy Birthday, Carmen. Modern industry Our flat gets together to play Monopoly. Shingo learns how to cheat, Mari takes all the money by honest means, and Kimmo thinks we've all gone mad.
Dillons on Gower Street
Piccadilly Circus While walking around London, I happened upon this building thought looked pretty neat and modern looking. Apparently, so did others: its picture is used in an Olicom advertisement in the March 13-19, 1999 issue of the Economist, page 99.
Piccadilly Circus, the Times Square of London, so I'm told. Are any of these companies from the UK? The Dillons on Gower Street isn't the best bookstore in London, but it puts those to which I'm accustomed to to shame — and it's right around the corner from SOAS
Fondue consists of a bowl of melted cheese into which one dips pieces of bread. The forks, the bowl, and the rest of the apparatus is specially made, apparently. OK, so I had never had it before. It was quite good. Thanks to both of you. Eating fondue