April 1999

Got to get away... By the time the spring term was finished, I had to take a short vacation. Destination: Segovia, Spain. Click on each photo to see a larger, more detailed version.

Road work on Cromer Street A pub on a corner near SOAS
I never understood why they kept fixing Cromer Street, then going back and tearing it up again, refixing, redigging, etc. Why not do it right the first time?
Castle on the cliff -- front view Castle on the cliff -- side view From time to time our class would meet and relax a bit, but not often enough. It was definitely time for a vacation
After arriving in Madrid, I went to visit a friend in Segovia. One of my favorite night views is the castle on the cliff. It seems this is the place where Ferdinando and Isabella were coronated.
Roman aquaduct in the sun In the daytime one can see that Segovia has more than its share of sights. The Roman aquaduct from circa. 1 A.D. was impressive, originally built to carry water from the mountains.
Castle guide Going back to the castle, I was fortunate enough to have a native guide Castle moat
The castle's moat was impressive. Imagine what it would have been like with water.
Castle cliff by day Segovia from the castle Cathedral
Since the castle is on the edge of a cliff... ...you can go to the top and see Segovia from above, with all its sights... ...like the cathedral in the center of the town.
Palace There's also a palace. Another building
And this building, which has some significance I've forgotten. Something to do with the Templar Knights, maybe.
To the other direction, one can see the Segovia hospital. Segovia hospital Small church
Back on the ground, there's another small church.
Aquaduct from the outside
Before leaving this beautiful place, I have to see the acuaduct again. This is the view from outside. They say no mortar was used between the stones. Central square in Madrid
I stopped by a square in the center of Madrid.