January 1998

In January I was back in Canada in time for New Year's Eve. Click on each photo to see a larger, more detailed version.

Right after New Year's I went to see Toronto. I guess every tower looks small from below. Toronto's CN Tower. The top of Toronto's Sky Dome.

And your opinion always changes when you're at the top. On one side I can look down on the top of Toronto's Sky Dome, which has a motorized top which opens. On another side you can look out across Lake Ontario, in the edge of which is a small airport.

Chelsea Inn in Toronto.

Chelsea, again. Going back to Ottawa, I see the Chelsea Inn from my bus window.

Fallen power line next door to my apartment.

Once I'm back in Ottawa, the worst ice storm in years hits Canada. Highways were closed, and thousands were out of power. A state of emergency was declared, and the military was called in to assist cleanup. If you look closely at this picture, you can see the power line that was fell by a falling tree limb loaded with ice — right next door to my apartment. I never lost electricity, though.

Fallen ice-covered tree limb. During the Ice Storm of 1998, one had to always listen for the crackle of limbs giving way above if one were walking down the sidewalk. If my friends and I had not ran quickly from beneath this tree, we would have been struck by this ice-laden branch.
Bagpipe player in Ottawa's Market area. Walking in the Market area of downtown Ottawa, I encountered a bagpipe player who must have been quite cold. If you'll notice, shortly after arriving in Canada I had quickly decided that a new coat, new gloves, and a new headband were in order. No kilts for me. Rideau Canal in late January.

A few days after the ice storm, the Rideau Canal is finally ready for skating again. As I skate towards the Rideau Centre and the Chateau Larier (the castle-like hotel in the distance), I notice that it's not very busy; most of Ottawa must be waiting for Winterlude, the winter festival in February.