December 1997

In December I went to Canada for a computer contract which should last until the spring of 1998. I lived in downtown Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Click on each photo to see a larger, more detailed version.

Box used to ship computer to Canada. I arrived in Canada. The notebook computer I had ordered hadn't arrived yet, so I had to bring my computer with the mid-tower case. The airlines won't insure certain items, such as computers, so I had to take my chances. Good thing I clearly marked "FRAGILE!" on the box...
I got to take a trip to Montreal, in French-speaking Quebec, where some of the very-old buildings (such as this school) remind one of Europe. An old school in Montreal. A lot of Santas in Montreal.It was almost Christmas time, so I guess that's why a bunch of guys decided to run down the streets of Montreal late one night dressed in Santa suits. I'm there in the middle of them, not dressed as Santa, behind the guy with the bag.
Chelsea, in Canada? Yes, there's a city named Chelsea in Quebec, along with this store in a Montreal mall. It reminds me of home — well, not really. Chelsea store in Montreal.